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Blog Post Nr.1: A recipe for our long ribbed tray

I think that the best part of dealing in these incredible products is learning about how they are made, how much time and effort goes into making it and then finding  unique and interesting uses for them. Here is an example of a product I love, how it is made, and what you can make in it.

Our long ribbed Tray


How is it made?

The process of making this is tiresome and includes many processes. First the wood needs to be chopped. Our artisan Mary told us that her husband chops the wood and then carves it into the shape he wants. In this case ,the ribs of the tray are carved and then eventually smoothened with sandpaper.  The next process is to ‘smoke’ or ‘choma’ the Jacaranda wood, changing it from its almost white colour to a dark tan colour. The tray is then smoothened with sandpaper and then polished  with oil. The oil not only ‘treats’ the wood but also enhances the darkness and brings out all the small little natural layers that give it that raw look.


Now the fun part, what can you use this for?
Recently I learned an incredible recipe from my Aunt Shenaz Popat who is the owner of an incredible food truck called Street Bistro. This is the perfect food to serve on this gorgeous hand made creation and we would love to share it with you.


5 Ripe Avacado’s
1 loaf of delicious sour dough bread
Fresh ricotta cheese
Seed mix (seseme, flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin etc)
Wheat grass oil
Aleppo pepper oil
Green raddish

How to do it

Cut your avocados in half and remove skin. Place the avocado face down and using a blowtorch or if you don’t have that available the grill function on high to char the outside of the avocado then add salt, pepper and wheatgrass oil.
Spread a reasonable layer of fresh ricotta cheese onto your sour dough and then add the sliced avocado on top of it, ‘smooshing’ it down to the side. You will then add your roasted seed mix and then drizzle your pepper oil or sesame oil on top.  For extra garnish, you can use green horseradish on top.
Voila… make it and serve it on this for best results.



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