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 Blog Post Nr.2: Maasai Markets is online

 We live in a Country full of innovation.  No material is deemed useless; everything can be turned into something. Plastic bags and rubber bands can be made into a make shift football, worn out rubber tires can be cut up to make the most comfortable sandals. Dried banana leaves are cooked with dye, dried and then weaved into some of the most gorgeous baskets, soapstone is hand molded and painted into incredible candleholders, coaster and plates. One wouldn’t believe the vibrancy and innovation that can be seen when stepping into one of the many open- air Maasai markets here in Kenya.

It is not just a place to procure all the local art and Kenyan souvenirs but a genuine cultural experience. There is colour and noise, your negotiating skills will be put to test, and you will walk through so many items that you wish you could find enough space in your suitcase to fill. You will hear the phrases, ‘I remember you, you have come back’ many times as well as ‘looking is free’ and ‘but you see my quality is better’.  The experience will leave you riveted and in my case, in awe of what people can create out of the natural material that surround us.
There is always the option to go to the Maasai Market any given day around Nairobi, from 8am to 6pm you can find these markets at:
Yaya Shopping Centre
On Sundays on the third floor in a closed setting.
Maasai Market Village Market
On Fridays in the very vibrant and busy Village Market, on the rooftop parking.
Maasai Market Junction Mall
Every Thursday in a half open and half closed area. If you are lucky there is also some authentic, local music being played.
Maasai Market Capital Centre
Every Wednesday on Mombasa Road close to the airport in an open air setting.
Maasai Market City Centre
This is on every weekend and probably the biggest of all the markets and definitely the most chaotic and lively experience of them all.
Interestingly enough, the Maasai Markets festive practice has not been taken onto the web and essentially ‘. Comed’ until now. For those who miss the chance to go to an open-air market, or for those who want a more efficient and in some cases convenient way to procure all of these great gems, well, it is now only a click away. You can visit the site from your mobile phone or PC, scroll through all the most popular products and have them delivered to you #fromourmarkettoyourdoorstep.


We want to allow the world to participate, to give the artisans due exposure and an opportunity to expand and scale their business and we want customers to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and the peace of mind of knowing that quality is key and delivery is easy.
There is now an option to experience this beautiful practice in more than one way. Jump on our site to meet our artisans, get a better understanding about how each of these products are made and have delivered to your home a piece of artistic innovation from East Africa.  


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  • Anne: October 23, 2018

    Thrilled to see these products with an online presence!

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