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For generations we as Kenyans have filled our homes, gifted our friends and accessorized our fashion with proudly Kenyan, hand -crafted artifacts and jewellery. We are a culture rich in creativity and innovation bursting at the seams. This creativity can be found in abundance at our popular open air Maasai markets that are held every day in different parts of Nairobi City. These open- air markets are full of colour and culture and both locals and visiting tourists make it a part of their itinerary to experience this Kenyan ‘souk’ and purchase unique hand- crafted products from the artisans personally.

What we as a company want to do is to bring the open- air markets to the world. Essentially to ‘.com’ this festive cultural practice and allow the world to participate. The motivation behind digitalizing the Maasai Market is to broaden the reach of this market place. We want to promote Kenyan artisan – made curios, to feature the artists who create the products, to generate more opportunity for the artists and to facilitate a second option in which to conveniently and efficiently shop at an affordable price.  
"We want to bring our culture and our market to your doorstep."

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