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Calabash Candle Holder Zebra

Calabash Candle Holder Zebra
Calabash Candle Holder Zebra

Designer: Patrick


These are unique handmade Calabash candle holders made to resemble some of Africa’s game animals. Calabash is the term used for artefacts made from the hard shell of a fruit in the gourd family "Lagenaria siceraria."  Once the calabash is dried and hollowed out it can be used for serving or storing food, as candle holders, pencil holders etc.

Diameter Candle Hole: ~ 3,0 cm / 1,2 in

Length: ~ 25,0 cm / 9,8 in

Weight: ~ 0,13 kg / 0,29 lb

Patrick from Nairobi is the artisan behind these beautiful handmade piece. He has been working in this industry for almost two centuries and specialised mainly in beaded placemats, wooden bowls and sculptures. 

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