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Jacaranda Wooden Giraffe

Jacaranda Wooden Giraffe
Jacaranda Wooden Giraffe

Designer: Erastus


This is an intricate hand carved Giraffe sculpture made out of olive wood. It is different in its design to other giraffe sculptures found at a usual Maasai market.

A fun fact about giraffes, they only sleep for about 30 mins a day.

Height: ~ 50,0 cm / 19,7 in

Weight: ~ 0,42 kg / 0,93 lb

Erastus is a very young and talented wood carver with roots in Machakos and Diani County. His pieces are mainly made out of palm tree (Diani county) and Jacaranda tree (Machakos county).

Erastus has more than five years experience in this industry and is our partner in crime for delivering the most unique designs.

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