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Jagged Wooden Bowl

Jagged Wooden Bowl
Jagged Wooden Bowl

Designer: Mary


This is a spectacular piece. A large and unique jagged salad bowl made out of Jacaranda wood.

Woodcarvers attain this beautiful dark color by taking the white Jacaranda wood and using a blow torch to “choma” or smoke the wood till it becomes this chocolate brown. It is then finished and polished with canola oil.

Diameter: ~ 30,0 cm / 11,8 in

Height: ~ 17,0 cm / 6,7 in

Weight: ~ 1,20 kg / 2,65 lb

Mary from Kajiado County is such lovely woman. She is responsible for most of our wooden collection comprising of assorted bowls and trays of either olive wood or jacaranda wood.

Mary has worked in the wood carving industry for more than 20 years and has told us that this is how she managed to put all her children through school. A truly inspiring character, with a very big smile.

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