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Mahogany Bowl

Mahogany Bowl
Mahogany Bowl

Designer: John K.


 This is a bowl made out of a mixture of pine and mahogany wood, stained with a dark dye and adorned with cow bone beads. It is perfect as a decor item.

Diameter: ~21,0 cm / 8,3 in

Height: ~12,0 cm / 4,7 in

Weight: ~ 0,85 kg / 1,87 lb

John is an absolute artist, he creates a collection  of beautiful products made out of pine and Mahogany wood mixed with black dye to give the dark tones to his pots and picture frames. He then adds camel and cow bone beads as well as brass plating to his designs.

He has taught his son his art and now the both of them create and sell their unique products.

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