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Soapstone Candle Holder Set

Soapstone Candle Holder Set

Designer: Nyasimi


This set of black tall soapstone candle holders are known specifically here in Kenya. This design can be found in many a market. They are elegant and look great in any home.

Soapstone is heat resistant and that is why it has been used for centuries for both artistic and practical uses such as kitchen utensils and candle holders.

 Diameter Candle: ~ 2,0 cm / 0,8 in

Height: ~ 16,0 cm / 6,3 in

Weight: 0,75 kg / 1,65 lb

Nyasimi is from Tabaka Hills which is the main region to find soapstone in Kenya. He is our artisan and partner for soapstone products.He is incredibly resourceful and his work is exceptional.

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